If It’s Not Logical, It Doesn’t Make Sense (to me)

"Science doesn't have to be this awkward." ~ Sheldon Cooper Many times, people don't realize I'm on the autism spectrum. They would describe me as eccentric or quirky, but never "autistic." Maybe it's because I have Asperger's which is on the high end of the spectrum, or because I've learned to imitate and function fairly … Continue reading If It’s Not Logical, It Doesn’t Make Sense (to me)

Pushing thru

There are a lot of things about me that COULD define me: Mother. Daughter. Sister. Nurse. Firefighter. Hazmat Technician. Teacher. Instructor. Girlfriend. Wife. Planner. Divorcee. Lover. Cook. Chauffeur. Speaker. Renovator. Builder. Gardener. Typist extraordinaire. Blogger. Runner. Swimmer. Weightlifter. Biker. Piano player. Comedienne. Competitive. Encourager. Prayer warrior. Dreamer. Entrepreneur. Seamstress. SME. Reader. Plant magic user (aka … Continue reading Pushing thru