"Being bold is being firm, sure, confident, fearless, daring, strong, resilient, and not easily intimidated." ~ Mike Yaconelli Photo by Taryn Elliott on Some things have been said and done that have rankled with me. A lot of things that are said, I blow off because it isn't worth getting my panties in a … Continue reading Boldness

Different Ways to Handle News You Don’t Want to Hear

"When people know the reason things are happening, even if it's bad news, they can adjust their expectations and react accordingly." ~ Simon Sinek Photo by cottonbro studio on Nobody LIKES bad news, myself included. But sometimes it happens. A divorce. A relationship gone sour. An unexpected expense. A health condition. A unforseen or … Continue reading Different Ways to Handle News You Don’t Want to Hear


"It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project." ~ Napoleon Hill Photo by Ron Lach on I have been unapologetically AWOL. As always, with SLE, there are health problems that pop up semi-unexpectedly and most definitely unwanted. I say semi-unexpectedly because you KNOW it will happen with weather changes, … Continue reading DIY