Being genuine

“Curiosity is the process of asking questions, genuine questions, that are not leading to an ask for something in return.” — Brian Grazer


People…  Pyschology…  Sociology. . .

Why people do the things they do.  Act they way the act. Think the way they think.

This has interested me for as long as I can remember.

While I struggle with meeting people and making conversation, I find that having a genuine curiosity leads to an interest that is also genuine.  I’m not one for making senseless small-talk.

Thankfully, that curiosity takes over when I meet new people which is a good thing.  In the field of EMS and nursing both, you have just a few minutes to develop a rapport with someone who is possibly having the worst day of their life.  And trust me, that person can tell whether you are genuinely interested in what is happening to them or if you’re just asking rote questions.

I have been a curious person all my life and my mother’s biggest complaint was that I asked “Why?” waaaay too much.  Even now, patients will present with a complaint such as the gentleman who blew his big toe off while cleaning his gun, and my first question is . . . “Why?”  And if it isn’t “Why?”, it’s “How?”

So here are a few of my favorite questions to ask:

For older couples that are married — How long have you been married? How long have you been together? How did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other? What makes a successful marriage work?

For people about their jobs — How did you get into this line of work? Is this a job you always dreamed about doing or did you kind of fall into it? Do you like what you do? If you could do something different, what would it be?

For kids — What is the best Disney character? Why do you like that one? What’s the best toy you own? What do you like about it? What’s your favorite subject in school? What’s your least favorite subject in school? Who’s your favorite teacher and why?  What do you think you want to be when you grow up?

For MY kids — Do you know I love you? How do you know I love you? What’s your favorite memory of something we’ve done together? What’s your favorite vacation we’ve taken? If Momma won the lottery, what would you want to buy first?

The questions are endless and when you lack a filter most of the time, I have no problem asking the questions.

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