What’s in a Name?

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” — Anne Albers

I’m not one much for abstract art.

To be honest, I stink at discerning different types of arts or periods or whatever they’re called. If it wasn’t for the JumpStart 5th grade computer program, I would know nothing. I simply do not recall these things from high school art class. I do, however, remember how to draw things from a perspective point — at least I think that’s what it’s called?

A classmate from high school occasionally posts paintings that he’s done. I saw this one, scrolled past it thinking to myself, “Nice.”

A bit later I scrolled back to it for another look. And then again. And then a fourth time. Each time I looked at it, it kind of grew on me. So I reached out to ask about purchasing the painting for my home.

Tonight we met at a local Starbucks and chatted for a long while. Not having seen each other in 33 years, there was some major catching-up to be done! During the conversation, I asked the name of the painting. He hesitated briefly and then said, “The Serenity for the Damned.”. Then he watched my face expectantly for my reaction — partially wary, partially concerned.

I had to laugh as I showed him my IG account and pointed out that the name of our home is ” Serenity.” I finally determined that looking at the painting reminds me of going interior on a structure fire. The dark background, the mix of reds — much like what we see thru our SCBA mask when fighting a fire. Firefighting is a job I loved. A job I miss immensely.

Many would say that the interior of a structure fire is hellish, a place for the damned. For the firefighter who loves their job, that same location offers a sense of serenity. A sense of peace in knowing the job is being done.

I love this painting! I’m not one much for abstract art, but I’m learning that what appeals to the senses doesn’t always make sense.

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