Blank Slate

“My future was a blank slate, and only I could write on it.” ~ Carter Quinn

I don’t know what the future holds. I’m neither a seer or a psychic. I don’t read cards, tea leaves or palms. I don’t put stock in horoscopes altho they are good for a giggle.

Life is a blank slate at times. You get an opportunity to start fresh.

A new job.

A new home.

A new location.

I keep looking at photos of the new house. I fell in love with it at first sight, and even more in love with the walk thru accompanied by my realtor. The actual tour of the house brought back memories.  As a child, my step-mom and I would discuss old homes we passed as we drove. We imagined past inhabitants, lives once lived, conversations, the mundane everyday-ness and often ended with the phrase, “if walls could talk.”

I look forward to listening to the walls of our new home speak.  Being able to feel out the secrets and stories they’ve held — waiting a bit to see exactly how to decorate and what paint colors to choose. I want to select the colors that will bring out the peace and the history. . .and create a strong future.

Spoken like a true empath.

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