Lazy Days of Summer

“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” ~ Kellie Elmore

Liubov Mernaya/Shutterstock

It was a lazy day yesterday- nothing planned – nothing really pressing.

Sundays are wonderful days because I try not to work extra, I try not to have much to-do listing or heavy work. I want a day to just relax and be . . .

The girl child (lol) asked to go school supply shopping. She’s as much a junkie for office supplies as I am. So I promised, that yes . . . we would go school supply shopping after church.

She is also as much an OCD organizer as I am. Even though she will be doing the virtual school this year, she has to have binders and notebooks and paper and pens and folders and planners and dry erase markers and a whiteboard week planner to hang in her room. And . . . and . . . and . . . We did leave some supplies at Target for other shoppers to pick up. (Quite generous of her I thought.)

Since we were in the vicinity of an Aldi’s we went on and did some grocery shopping. With the heat of summer full on us, we aren’t favoring much in the heavy meal variety so we settled on ingredients for several types of soups and a request for burritos. I fell into a conversation with a couple there, standing in front of the wine display. I was looking at a bottle of Moscato and the wife asked if I knew whether they sold alcohol on Sundays. My reply was that I assumed we would find out when I went thru the check-out line. Moments later we passed again in another aisle and she had a couple bottles of sweet red wine in her cart – we laughed and hugged and she assured me I wouldn’t be the only one bucking the system if it came down to it.

Just a few more days and we will be relaxing on the beach, letting the summer warmth wrap us up in her arms and soothing our souls with the sounds of the surf. Until then, I will content myself with the sounds of our local waterfalls as they work their magic . . .

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