To The Crazy Lady

“I don’t understand your specific brand of crazy, but I do commend your devotion to it.” ~ Lani Lynn Vale

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To the crazy lady stalking my FB page and my blog —

1) The anonymous text sent from a randomly generated number to someone other than myself was HIGHLY entertaining, I’m glad our lives are of such interest to you, but really . . . we’re not that exciting. While your vivid imagination probably leads you to believe we are hanging out at swingers clubs, or I’m being pimped out at biker bars, or beaten at home – we are most usually ensconced on the sofa, respectively reading books and enjoying peaceful silence.

2) While I shared a post about Domestic Violence on FB, I have not been in a relationship with domestic violence involved in over 10 years. Just because I share it, does not mean it’s currently happening in my life.

3) Bringing a minor child’s name into your rants is not acceptable. You are completely unhinged, but to prey upon my 15 year old daughter with your accusations and sick distorted claims will not be tolerated.

4) Nothing you have said or done in the past 6 years has given you the results you have desired, so apparently you are a very slow learner. In fact, barging into our kitchen 5 years ago, ranting and screaming, only caused me to laugh uncontrollably because it was apparent then that you are completely insane.

You made the mistake of signing your name to one of your emails because my presence made you so intensely jealous and angry that you forgot to sign it with your usual “a concerned citizen.” So be advised, that while you may stalk me surreptitiously on the internet and driving by, I will be chasing your ass down thru legal channels until you are where you belong. . . .in a mental facility, heavily medicated.

Best regards!

Addendum: for someone who swears she doesn’t stalk my blog, and denies that she knows how to find it. . . this woman was able to quote things today that were only posted here. This is really better than Jr. High drama. Goodnight Carrie.

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