Inner Peace

Sometimes things happen beyond our control. I’d say 2020 has been a perfect example of that. International health crises, economic issues, job losses, educational changes, mental health effects, etc.

The challenge is knowing what change you can affect to meet the guidelines while maintaining your inner peace. Take masks as an example. Many states have mandated them. Do I agree with it? Not at all. Can I wear one when I’m out and about without losing my mind? Yes. Will fighting against it change the mandate? No. Will it disrupt my inner peace? Absolutely.

When my children are having rough days and verbalize their frustrations or act out, does it disrupt my inner peace? No. While I feel for them and wish the world weren’t so frustrating, I also realize that I am their safe haven. They can tell me what they are feeling without me taking personal affront.

It’s been a frustrating day of botched plans, unexpected delays, ridiculous company policies and irritations. Do I still have my inner peace? Yes, because in the end . . none of those things truly matter in the grand scheme of life.

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