Rest days & Reading

“Discipline is just choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST.” ~ unknown

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Rest days . . . .

Not my favorite. Some are forced upon me such as when I have headaches – altho my body isn’t really resting, it’s fighting to heal. Others are pushed upon me by circumstance – currently, no running due to a broken toe and what I thought was shin splints but may be a stress fracture. Of course . . . it’s time for the annual x-rays to check for loss of bone mass or *holes* which will require surgery.

Not that I actually rest much. I think I’m allergic.

I simply change up the exercises – weights and bike. There have to be workarounds for the shoulder that remains separated. We work on strengthening the surrounding muscles to increase movement and flexibility and my ice packs are some of my best friends. They offer pain meds, and I refuse. When it gets that bad, I’ll let them know . . . until then, I’m copacetic.

Currently, I’m getting a kick out of watching the kids develop thru exercise. One is throwing shotput and discus for track, and when she realizes the fascia connection between the power of her legs and how it carries through to her shoulder and down her arm . . . there will be no stopping her. It’s getting that thought across with weight training that will be the fun part. Another is the runner and currently recuperating from a knee strain – she will have to learn how to run with a mid-foot strike versus a heel-strike so she doesn’t continue to hyperextend her leg and strain it further. Yet another is interested in football and/or basketball and will be fun to train in the gym to develop his skills as well. Hopefully, this will help each of them develop a life long love of exercise of some type.

I work around the house a bit at a time, then take a break and ice whatever hurts. LOL I guess this is one way to read all those books on my RBID list – you know . . . “Read Before I Die”

So, what’s on the bedside table right now?

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia (one of my daughter’s favorites that she lent me at Christmas)

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (the TV series was fantastic insight into what teens face today)

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (another of my daughter’s favorites)

The Secret Stealers by Jane Healey (actually on my Kindle)

The Missing Sister by Elle Marr (also on my Kindle)

Threads magazine by Taunton Press (the spring issue)

I also take opportunities to listen to some of my favorite podcasts throughout the day. Spotify is my listening channel of choice.

Not Your Average Runner by Jill Angie – generally in the car because I’m trying to catch up

Coming Clean with Paige Hathaway – in the morning as I clean the kitchen

Sewing with Threads – by Threads magazine editors – in the car after work when I’m unwinding

The Clearing by Pineapple Street Media – true crime documentary while I’m on the bike

Right now, I just want a nap.

And a piece of Key Lime pie.

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