Sew Perfectly Fine

“Sewing . . . it’s cheaper than therapy.” ~ unknown

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Prior to returning the Sam man home from Space Camp, I finished a pair of curtains for my daughter that I’d had for quite some time. She’d found a sheet to match her son’s bedroom decor and asked me to cut it up the middle and hem it. I’d had it for quite some time but kept forgetting to bring it when I came back to Missouri. This time I remembered and it has been duly delivered.

These curtains were the project I was pinning when I received the first phone call regarding my latest children. That night sent us into a whirlwind of change. Now that they are legal, and we are falling into more of a routine, I am finding that I need to get back to the art of sewing. . . not only to help clothe everyone, but for the productive satisfaction of a job accomplished.

It helps to have a sewing machine at each home. Rather than packing my machine and bringing it with me, I can just bring whatever project on which I’m working and continue sewing here in Missouri. Tonight there was a request to sew a couple of patches onto a job shirt for an employee. It took abut 20 minutes to accomplish, but it was still satisfying to get the components, complete the work and hand it back over to be returned to work tomorrow.

After visiting my daughter in the hospital yesterday, we came home and just relaxed. I didn’t really feel like cutting and pinning, so I looked up some blogs instead. I read a few that I have saved to my favorites (which I haven’t had time to do lately). I also found a few new ones that I really enjoyed — Melly Sews and It’s Always Autumn. Both have tips, tutorials, DIY guidelines and a plethora of information that I want to look thru again when I have a chance. I also took a moment to review articles I had pinned and came back to plans and instructions for building a DIY folding table for sewing here at Remodelaholic.

I have a mantel and surround that I purchased in Missouri. It moved to Alabama with me and was going to go in one of the bedrooms where a fireplace had formerly stood, but my daughter decided she didn’t have room for it in her space. It has been languishing against the windows in the sewing room until I had the bright idea (as I was cleaning the room) to create a table that will fold into the fireplace opening and extend out when needed.

I SAID I was cleaning. . .

Now that I’m not feeling as overwhelmed with scheduling doctors and dentist appointments, therapy appointments, school meetings, attorney meetings, home visits with social workers, phone calls, as well as driving here, there and everywhere else, I’m starting to feel creative once again.

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