Old House Adventures – Pantry (1)

Renovating not only restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighborhood.” ~ Unknown

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

I love old houses, it’s no secret. From a very young age I have loved old houses — the history, the architecture, the memories that have taken place inside the walls. Our current home isn’t in dire need of restoration, but it’s a palette to perform changes and updates.

Pictured below is the butler’s pantry which once housed cabinetry used to store serving dishes, pots and pans, but also an area to keep food warm prior to being served. It was listed as a “breakfast nook” when I purchased it. At 7.5′ x 8.5′ there really isn’t much room to move with even a small table and chairs in the space. When I first viewed the house there was a large metal desk under the windows as if it had been used more as a home office.

Pictured below are some photos of the preparation –

1 – The room had become a bit of a catchall for items such as dogfood and other pantry items for which there is no room in the existing cabinets in the kitchen proper.

2 – After everything was removed/relocated to the dining room temporarily, we are left with carpet and the ironing board (which shall move about until I get it upstairs).

3 – After removing the carpet, which was glued to the linoleum below, we find the original linoleum that was laid when the house was built. While the radiator was long ago removed, the supply pipe has been cut but remains in place.

The next step is to pull up the linoleum and remove the remnant of pipe. The underlayment will be checked for integrity and replaced if need be. The plan for the replacement floor is going to a fun, unique and intriguing task. If all goes well, it will be used in the kitchen.

As we uncover bits and pieces of the house’s history, such as the linoleum, I wonder at the previous owners. Who chose the decor? Was it a standard part of the kit, being a Craftsman home? Was it another option? The white baseboards were originally a very dark green. This is visible in the third photo above, but was also visible in the kitchen when I was cleaning the area for the refrigerator, and around the steps.

Eventually the room will be painted, and new cabinets will be installed along with a countertop under the window to allow for more storage. All will get accomplished, but it will be slowed by my planned-upon surgery in a week. But it will get done.

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