Repurposing the Door

“Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.” ~ Unknown

Doors . . .especially old doors . . . are some of my favorite things. From simple Shaker style to Dutch doors to solid Craftsman style or ornate doors with carving or wrought iron panels — these are the gateway into the home. Some doors hold secrets, hide wardrobes or evoke mystery. Game shows often ask contestants to select a prize that’s behind “Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3.”

Last September, in Thrift Store Decor, I shared a picture of an interior door destined for repurposing in my Alabama home. The door was purchased years before while I still lived in Missouri. I’d been searching for months with “just the right one” in mind as well as a plan in place for it’s repurposing. Fortunately, patience is a virtue as I’m not known for settling unless it’s specifically what I want. I had been in the local flea market wandering from booth to booth and it wasn’t until I left that I decided to check the selection of items leaning against the outside of the store and “Eureka!” There was my long-sought-after door, hiding behind a motley selection of other doors. $35 was the price and in short order it was in the back of my van.

That poor door sat lonely and forlorn in my garage from that point on. The original plan was to turn the door into a headboard. My bed at the time had a very large headboard and footboard with a metal canopy. It wasn’t until I moved to Alabama to make a fresh start that the door began to come into it’s own and develop into a beautiful headboard.

Because the length of the door was a bit more than what I needed, I carefully measured and then removed the bottom panel. Decorative trim was added to both edges.

A length of MDF molding along with a couple of scrap pieces of lumber from another project completed the top.

Layers of teal blue, shell pink and light grey paint were applied and sanded down to let each color show thru. The framing of the door had been removed and cut to form the legs and an additional piece of 1 x 6″ lumber was used as bracing along the back.

I couldn’t be happier with the finished result! Going from just the mattress and box springs on the frame to having the headboard makes the bed appear taller simply because the eye is drawn upwards upon entering the room. Slowly but surely the projects are starting to gather steam.

Next up . . . adventures in removing linoleum!!!

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