It’s the Little Things

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Photo by Keegan Checks on

Having to save money to work on an old house can be a real downer. Not being independently wealthy, I must work a full-time job. Throw in three teenagers with their drama, angst and expenses, and saving for the big ticket items takes a wee bit longer.

However, there are some projects that don’t cost a LOT of money (ie. wont’ bankrupt my account) that are smaller but still make a difference, even if it’s just the joy of seeing something different or taking something old and making it appear new and different. I have shared in previous posts that many items I had purchased prior to moving to Alabama, work perfectly in the house I bought although they never really found a home in my prior house.

One of these items is an antique dresser. Purchased with a layer of pale yellow paint on it, I had removed the plain, gold, mid-century drawer pulls. I plan to paint it a deep midnight blue. Having just replaced the roof on my garage recently, and having paid for a future trip to Florida, funding is tight until the savings account is built back. However . . . .

a small quart of paint can be had for a low cost and drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby were 50% off this week.

I wanted something fun and whimsical. Something that doesn’t scream “farmhouse” of which my house certainly is NOT, nor will the decor be the milquetoast variety of that “farmhouse chic” which has been popular. I needed drawer pulls that would complement the pale yellow of the dresser, but also jive well with the midnight blue I want to use. The knob above fits the bill perfectly. Additionally, as a person with Asperger’s, I have sensory issues. If you look closely, you’ll notice the yellow dots are raised, including the dot in the center. This provides the nubby texture that delights my fingertips and makes me smile.

A few flicks of the fingers, the pulls were added and . . . voila! I’m happy. Not only with the appearance of the dresser, but the fact that I saved $25 on drawer pulls that I love. Once I get the new paint color applied, I’ll share more photos and updates.

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