The Someone That I Am

I’m still discovering who I am. . .

Not who my mother said I was,

Not who ex-husband’s #2 and #3 try to gaslight me into believing I was,

And not someone who is pigeon-holed into one area due to training, degrees or work history.

This should be (and will be) a life long process.

My planner from Dragontree Apothecary, “The Dreambook Planner” has helped immensely. I cannot recommend it more to lead to introspection and self-honesty in learning more about yourself and helping set goals.

Before using this planner, I had hopes and dreams and unconsciously I had set goals but never written them down. I’ve learned the importance of scheduling rest times as well as plotting out my work schedules and then setting time around those hours to accomplish more time with family and more time at home.

Admittedly, the questions at the beginning of the planner are deep, very deep and may be uncomfortable to think about answering. But in the end, answering the tough questions helped emancipate me from ideas that had been drummed into my head. It’s okay to have personal hopes and goals. It’s okay if they seem weird or odd to others. It’s okay to feel like you’re the only one who may believe in yourself.

It’s okay to let go of things that haven’t worked, maybe have never worked for you, or were placed as obstacles in front of you by others to impinge upon your chance to shine and be spectacular!

It’s okay to be spectacular!

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