Miracles in the Small Things

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” ~ Wayne Dyer

The forecast didn’t call for snow; we were all amazed when we saw it. It wasn’t snowing when I backed in the hospice center drive and it wasn’t snowing when we left. Yet, when I went to open the back of the ambulance to take our patient out, there it was. . .big, fat, fluffy, soft flakes of snow falling silently from the sky.

The look on her face was priceless joy — like a kid who had just opened the best Christmas gift. We rolled her out and as we wheeled her to the door of what will probably be her last stop here on earth, we paused and encouraged her to try to catch the flakes on her tongue. She was grinning from ear-to-ear, bundled up in warmed blankets on the cot.

When we brought the empty cot back out to the rig, there was no sign of snow, no snow on the ground and no damp patches on the ground, even though our patient, my partner and the student riding with us had all seen it. . . .And it was then that I knew we’d been part of a miracle. A small divine joy created especially for our patient.

Moments like this is what makes my EMS job so meaningful to me.

Addendum: I feel that I have to share the deeper story here —

This particular day was extremely stressful for me on a personal front. My stomach was in knots and accordingly on my way to work I had to make two pit stops — at which point I’m telling myself, “Girl! Get your shit together!” (Literally and figuratively.)

Snowflakes have always mesmerized me as a child. Their unique characteristics without repetition fascinate me at the artistry of God’s hands. My first Hallmark collectible ornament was an acrylic piece w/ a snowflake etched into it and it is still a favorite to this day.

As I drove home from work late at night following the incident described above, I felt a sense of overwhelming peace. The miracle above wasn’t just intended for our patient. It was a visible reminder to me that God can cause snow to fall in a particular spot for a specific period of time. Having that much power and control means he can handle the small details of my life as well.

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