Eat Like the Locals

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” ~ Sheilah Graham

One of the best and worst thing about being out of town is not knowing where to eat.

Chain restaurants

While chain restaurants are a safe choice, there’s no adventure to it. I got in late last night and ate at the Ruby Tuesday’s™ across the parking lot from my hotel. Not that it wasn’t good, but I can get the same thing at home. Applebee’s. Longhorn Steakhouse. And of course. . .the standard fast food crap.

Local recommendations

When you’re at a state-sponsored class, most of the instructors and many classmates aren’t from the area and haven’t got a clue where the sweet spots might be. And if you find someone who DOES live in the area, they usually play it safe and suggest places they think might not offend the sensitivities.

Google maps

I like the options here. The recommendations ride on the reviews given by people who have frequented the restaurants listed. So while my classmates got in their cars to go to the various locale, I walked to the one 4 minutes away and lucked upon the special of the day:

Reuben with homemade pastrami and fries – $8

Pappy’s Place has been in business since 1926. First as a cafe to serve families of patients in the local hospital then as a bar in 1933 when the owner purchased the first beer-by-the-drink license when Prohibition ended. The next owners took over in 1971 and gave it the current name.

The place seats about 30 people and the atmosphere exudes down-home goodness. I can see why it got a 4.4 star rating. The food is delicious, the staff welcoming, the music a blend of 80’s hits and the prices worth it. If you’re in the Springfield area, I highly recommend it.

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