When stress incapacitates

I have headaches. I’ve had headaches since I was five. Migraines. Incessant pounding with every heartbeat. Excruciating pain that pulses through my head. They can last for days; often for more than a week.

I carry my stress in my back and neck. Painful muscular knots begin near my scapula and work their way upwards to the shoulders and neck making it difficult to move my head. Breathing hurts. Thinking is near impossible. Light hurts my eyes causing me to tense even more.

Heat. Cold. Rest. Medications — everything from Tylenol™, ibuprofen, or Excedrin™, to narcotics and muscle relaxers combined with nausea meds and allergy medications. Warm baths. Warm showers. Scalp massage. Body massage. Foot massage. Positioning. Heating pads. Cold packs. Soft music. Diffusing essential oils. Sleep. Walking. Salon Pas™ patches. Sitting on a massage cushion. Coffee. Chocolate (yuck!). Caffeinated soda.

There are days when nothing seems to help. And then. . .suddenly it’s gone. As quickly as it comes. . .just gone.

For those reading who have never experienced this phenomena, thank the stars above. When it occurs, I try to remember that it will not last forever. As the quote above shares, no turbulent waterfall stays constant to the open sea. A headache may be a sign of turbulence in my life, but it will get better.

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