Gone with the wind . . .

I don’t even have a picture for this one.

30374-windy day dog

Correction:  I found a picture.  An appropriate picture even.

Last night, the EMA for the county sent out a notice for high winds.  And high winds they were indeed.  Estimated to be at 60 mph.  (Not that I stepped outside to personally measure the windspeed, I took the estimation for what it was worth.)  The winds were SOOOOOO high that it literally blew down a section of my privacy fence into the neighbor’s yard.  And then another section blew into MY yard this afternoon.

Actually, the fence that landed in my yard did not actually BLOW . . . I mean, it blows that it’s laying down in my yard, but it more likely just . . . fell over.  It’s a 10-year old privacy fence.  When Sam and I attempted to pick up the section in the neighbor’s yard, pieces of it broke off in my hand, yet the section was heavy enough that we couldn’t lift it. And that part sucks!  Additionally, there are several tree branches that blew out of the tree in my front yard scattered about the house.

I am so thankful that nothing was broken, no windows were struck by branches, my car wasn’t damaged by flying objects and most amazing of all, I was able to get back to sleep rather quickly after waking up momentarily to the sound of the wind pushing against the house.

Hopefully, soon, things will be on an even keel around here and I can get back to spending time working on around-the-house projects.

One thought on “Gone with the wind . . .

  1. Thank god no one was hurt and there was no major property damage. I’m encouraged that your local EMA office’s emergency messaging system alerted you to the potential weather impacts. It’s what we do.


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