Life Isn’t Waiting

“Move on because life isn’t waiting.” ~ Unknown


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I’ve spent a lot of time waiting on other people . . .

Waiting for them to do what they said they would do,                                                                                                                                          what they offered to do,                                                                                                                               or what I’ve asked them to do.

Sadly, it seems folks just aren’t interested in keeping their word.  Maybe they get busy, or sidetracked, or forget.  Maybe they didn’t mean a word that was said.  Perhaps the offer was made in a spur-of-the-moment interaction with no real meaning behind it.

This is one of the things I struggle with.

Being of the logical and analytical mindset, I was also taught “what you say is a promise” and I believe words have the power to heal but also the power to destroy.  When someone tells me they will do something and then it doesn’t happen, I feel as if the offer wasn’t important to them or I’m not worth the effort.

And sometimes the offer or action can mean a world of difference in what I can accomplish.  Sometimes the offer that is made is something that I cannot physically accomplish due to distance, or size, or whatever.  When I rely on an offer of assistance, and it doesn’t materialize, I am left feeling discouraged, upset, frustrated and even at times . . . depressed.

Before I moved, someone offered to help load my furniture on a trailer and bring it down here, parking the trailer here while he went on to Florida.  He changed his mind.

Someone offered to purchase a replacement battery for my minivan that they had borrowed, and then didn’t.  I cannot get it inspected and licensed if it doesn’t run.  Without the minivan running, I have no way of getting my larger pieces of furniture to Alabama.  After four months, I began asking about the battery.  Today I was rudely texted and chastised for asking about it. *sigh*

There is the oft repeated phrase, “If you need anything, let me know.”  So I let the needs be known, friends offer to help . . . and then said friends bail or let it go with excuses.  It gets to the point where you quit asking, and realize you have to figure it out on your own.

As difficult as it is, I have come to realize that I will no longer ask for help, yet I will not offer help either.  It’s easier to realize you are responsible for everything versus expecting integrity and follow-thru and not seeing it come to fruition.

Time waits for no one,  At this point, neither do I.



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