Of Pools and Tents

When you’re the one-woman renovating team. . .things go slow sometimes.


When I bought the Alabama house, there was an above-ground pool in the back yard. Woo hoo said everyone! Except me.

Ummm. . .guys? The house was vacant for 10 years. Therefore the pool was neglected for 10 years. No cover. Not cleaned. Not maintained. As in. . .the liner is torn in pieces, the aluminum sides are rusted and there’s a pine tree growing in the pool. There will be no pool! It’s coming down.

I started working on it before it got hot. Between work, driving to Missouri and unloading loads of stuff and furniture, I had neither the time nor the energy to address it. And then it got hot. Standing in the sun, working with hot aluminum in 99 degrees is NOT where I choose to be.

Today, we had a break in the weather. Cloud cover coupled with lower temps. I was able to get quite a bit done (when you’re going it alone). You will notice there are now TWO trees growing in the pool.

I placed the metal posts and pieces in the alley and within an hour, somebody pulled up and picked them up. More power to them! I am too tired to find the scrap metal recycling location.

Temperatures this week will be in the 90’s again, so until it cools off, that pool will sit — as is — until I decide to attack it again.


Awhile back, a friend borrowed my small tent. He brought it back but. . .because it started raining as they broke camp, they hurriedly rolled it up and shoved it in the bag. Last weekend, I decided to pitch the tent in a spare bedroom. If it had any rips, tears, mold or mildew it was going to the trash.

It was beautiful! So I kept it up all week and let it air out. Not many people probably pitch a tent in their spare room, but. . .my house, my rules!!

Now. . .if the kids were going to be here anytime soon, I would have left it up for Sam to sleep in for fun. However, with not a clue as to when they will be back to visit, I took it down this evening.

I wonder what I can accomplish this coming week? Probably nothing to do with pools or tents.

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