New Post Coming Soon

A lot has been happening —

Some good, some bad, some ugly, some just confusing, some painful and some plain old mundane things that are everyday life.

It’s been several weeks since my last post. I am prayerfully considering my next few steps. This blog is an extension of me, of my life. To know that it is read is one thing. To know that I am being watched like a hawk by someone who holds no love in their heart for me and wishes only pain and hate in my life is a hard matter with which to contend.

I strive to be as real and honest as possible.

To have someone attempt to create legal issues puts me in a spot where I feel I have to watch my words and put on a happy face or discontinue the blog.

Neither one is going to happen. They say, “Haters gonna hate” and that is true. I cannot change this person, only God can do that. But neither am I going to change who I am to bend to their will.

Until later today. . .

God bless!

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