Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

Sometimes life takes a topsy-turvy turn, throwing every expectation helter skelter.  Much like a car rolling end-over-end off a cliff, life has suddenly taken a turn and thrown everything for a loop.  Fortunately, Jesus has the wheel as I wouldn’t even begin to know how to steer this course.

While I am not trying to be mysterious, I have to be careful in choosing my words as things that are factual could be construed as accusations.

Let me just say that my children are here with me.  We will need prayers for 1) healing, 2) peace and 3) for adjustments for both the children and myself.  It has been a whirlwind of emotions for all of us — anger, hurt, frustration, disbelief, shock, amazement, entertainment, more disbelief, along with some serious WTF moments.  The kids are safe and my goal is to take time over the next few weeks and months to ensure that they remain safe, that they KNOW they are safe and cared for and to let them just remember to be kids.

I may share the details in the distant future, I may not.

I will say the kids are excited about being here, ready to start new schools, meet new friends and start working on their southern accents.

So in advance . . . thank you!!

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