Shifting Gears

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They call it “social distancing”

Call it whatever you want.

Kids are out of school. Stores are limiting their hours (which is fine because they are out of stock anyway). People are now tele-commuting. Toilet paper is a distant memory — just kidding foks, we HAVE toilet paper. Some of us don’t get a break however. Police, fire, EMS and nursing are still expected to show up for work every day and take the risk of caring for and possibly getting infected with coronavirus themselves.

I’m still not concerned.

Here’s why:

I wash my hands quite frequently. I rest when I am tired, drink lots of water (and coffee), and eat healthy, fresh foods. I strive to get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, usually more.

I can do my best to stay healthy, but the chance of getting the virus is higher for me due to occupational exposure risks. I know this. I also know that worrying about it will not prevent it.

We are choosing to make the best of things — when we went to two stores and both were out of bread, the decision was made to bake bread. School assignments are now e-learning on their MacBooks. We homeschooled when it was frowned upon, now websites and companies are providing free sites for kids to use during the pandemic phase. We play board games and have family movies without anyone forcing us to spend time together.

We tend to shift gears and go with the flow of things. Maybe it’s the pragmatic, logical Aspergian brain way of thinking, but when shit happens, you either go with it, or you sit around complaining and moaning and eventually still have to go with it.

So what are we doing?

Playing games – video and board games and card games

Yard work – raking leaves and trimming bushes

Cleaning – the car, the van, the house

Walking, playing ball outside, painting, drawing

Movies – Frozen 2 over dinner was pretty good but I still like the first one better

Reading, sewing, crocheting

Life is not going to stop because of a virus. Life as we have become accustomed to it may be altered. Change is inevitable, but life will go on.

I have no worries.

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