Teleworking, Wallpaper and Giggles

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

Amidst all the COVID-19 upheaval: the dire warnings, the sensationalist reporting of the worst case scenarios, the public uproar over the lack of ventilators and the snowflake mentality that no one dies and everyone should live forever . . .



Completely off the topic of this blog post, I just had an epiphany moment!!!

For the generation of young adults who may have never read (or had read to them) the book, “Peter Pan” or seen the Disney movie, yet subscribe to the ideaology of “never growing up” — the sad, bad, gloomy, unfair and sometimes painful reality of life must be a difficult thing with which to deal when it goes against the grain of all you’ve been taught to this point. For countless young adults raised with ideas such as “everyone wins” or “everyone gets a prize” or getting a trophy for simply participating, there are some hard truths to be learned during this pandemic.

  • People die. Not to be harsh here, but people do die on a daily basis. Not always is the cause old-age, and peacefully in their sleep. Young people, healthy people, babies, entire families . . . they die sometimes painful, horrible, gruesome deaths whether it’s abortion, vehicle accidents, miscarriage, fires, etc.
  • Virus cells do not discriminate. A virus does not give a damn about your age, your socioeconomic status, your bank account, your profession, your name, who knows you or whom you may know. You cannot offer a virus bribes, kick-backs, or comps.
  • The mainstream media does not always tell the truth. The press will twist and turn the facts to suit what the public wants to hear and present it as truth in order to gain an audience. Learn to check facts for yourself.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms are not reliable sources of information. These offer hearsay. When I was a kid, before the internet (gasp), we had “The National Inquirer” for “inquiring minds.” It was sold at every grocery store, pharmacy, five-and-dime and convenience store across the nation. It was 98% hogwash and the remaining 2% were advertisements for products that were 98% hogwash as well. A widespread audience does not guarantee validity of content — it only provides an insight to popularity.

It is a sad fact that we cannot cut, paste and alter life to be the way we would like it to be. It didn’t work when Trump won the election in 2016, and it won’t work with a pandemic. Am I a cold-hearted bitch with no emotions or compassion for those affected by this pandemic? Absolutely not! But I am old enough to have learned all these lessons at a much younger age than the young adults of today

I thought of changing the title of this post after I wrote this, but . . . eh . . . this is the way my mind works so it stands as typed. I will revisit the tele-giggles-wallpaper subject later.

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