:Finding Fraser – a review

If you’ve not read the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon, or seen the Outlander series on Starz . . . if the names Jamie Fraser or Claire Randall mean nothing to you, then this post is not for you.

Both the books and the TV series have gained a cult following with young women everywhere (and maybe some older ones) longing to find their own Jamie Fraser. Rugged, handsome, gentlemanly, smart, funny, insightful – you name it and this character has got it in spades. It doesn’t help that the actor playing Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan is spot on in the role, melting women’s hearts everywhere:

In “Finding Fraser”, author kc dyer writes a main character that starts off as a bumbling and naieve but loveable young lady completely besotted with the Outlander books and the Jamie Fraser character. After losing her job, she sells her worldly goods and flies off to Scotland in search of her very own Jamie Fraser. Along her journey, she has moments of setbacks, financial difficulties and a knack for meeting people in the oddest places. Along with her traveling, she also has life experiences that cause her to look outside herself and realize the world is a bigger place. She does meet her man AFTER she stops searching for someone who meets the idea she has in her head of the perfect man.

Some of my favorite points:

  • She runs into a tour bus group from an “Outlander Tour”. She is amazed that there are others equally, if not more, starstruck than herself with the romantic idea of time travel through stones and ghostly sighting of a Highlander.
  • She learns that real people will not fit our pre-conceived expectations of fictional characters. After trying to force a relationship to fit the Claire and Jamie mold, the main character sets aside her expectations and THEN finds her man.
  • Reality can be sobering (and don’t run from the police.)

I found this book to be enjoyable and an easy read. The main character was exasperating at times in her foolishness but that was to be expected at her young age and lack of life experience. By the end, she was able to self-reflect and while not much older, was able to show some maturity at the end of her journey that she didn’t have at the beginning.

I liked kc dyer’s style of writing and look forward to reading more of her work.

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