Sitting by the Fire

“But the most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people, and places, and memories, and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter.” ~ John Lubbock

Sitting in the dark of the backyard by the fire, I relax against the wooden steps of the pool decking. The flames have scorched the leaves and brush and have died down to embers. Faint trails of smoke waft towards the sky. An occasional flame erupts, finding fuel in the remaining vines that had been placed on top.

This is my favorite part of the day. Work is done, chores are done. All is quiet save the occasional car driving past or the crackle of wood burning. The moon is out and the stars are visible. Nothing to do really. Nothing begging my attention.

What always amazes me is how the fire bursts into flames, burning with aggressive passion everything in its way. And then. . . it banks down and slowly burns until all that is left is ash. The first staccato burst is attention getting, bright and bold with heat and color. Howver, it is the barely glowing fire that does the most work, creeping along in its slow spread.

The smell of the fire reminds me of camping trips with meals cooked over the open fire. . .with friends, with family. Heating the dish water over the coals. Taking it easy after a day of canoeing and chatting quietly as the little ones would drift off to sleep, snug in their sleeping bags.

It is not so much the accumulation of things that is important as it is making memories with the people you love. Shared laughter is worth more than gold. Tonight’s simple fire is a reminder of past memories with the promise of more to be made.

Ahhhhhh. . .

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