Struggling to Recharge

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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Any one who knows me well, knows I care. A lot.

With training in pyschology, sociology and human behavior as well as other training that coincides and works with those . . . I love listening to people. I ask questions and gain deeper insight into who they are and what they are experiencing.

It also drains me.

That is part of the joy of returning to my Missouri home – it gives me a chance to rest, recuperate, recharge and just relax. The little bit of interaction I experience is not overwhelming and the man understands my need to stay in as much as possible. An occasional trip outside the house is fine, but for the most part . . . home is my base.

The few days I’m here, I tend to hibernate. I text less. Talk less. Smile more. Family time is phenomenal. Sleep is at a premium.

So to everyone . . . enjoy the time you have to yourself. Cherish the moments, set boundaries and take care of you!

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