The Full Moon

“Don’t worry about making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time.” ~ Scott Stabile

Photo by Kevin Bidwell on

While some people dread the full moon, and at times I am among them, for the most part I am fascinated by what the gravitational pull does to those here on earth. When I worked in the ER full time, we were very superstitious about full moons . . . with good reason!

Luna. Goddess of the Moon. If it brings to mind such terms as lunacy and lunatic, you may have spent time in a busy Emergency Department during a full moon. Along with holidays, full moons seem to show an increase in mental health patients presenting for treatment.

In the world of midwifery, many will tell you that women are more fertile during the full moon, or that more babies are born on the full moon. Is it an increase in the gravity or coincidence? Biorhythms or myths?

Some will say that the full moon is the time to release things that are unproductive or holding one back from finding their true happiness. Not that I had much to release, but driving home I glanced over the tree tops to see the full moon high in the sky. Fluid clouds swam across the bright orb and the light flickered thru the trees lining the highway.

It was a sight that made me grin, eager to be home and relax.

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