COVID Concerns

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” ~ Lord Byron

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Earlier this year, I wrote a post on my concerns re: the Coronavirus — here. I will quote myself in case you don’t choose to read the entire thing.

“Consider this . . .

many people get the flu, some people will die from the flu. Now replace the word “flu” with “coronavirus.”

many people will get coronavirus, some people will die from the coronavirus.

Did you see that? many and some. Many and SOME. Not many and all.

This excellent article from Johns Hopkins here, compares COVID-19 with influenza. The concern with COVID-19 is that it is a new strain for which people have not built up an immunity. Statistically, unless you are extremely young with little immunity, or older with existing health issues that decrease immunity, the risk of dying is low”.”

Yes, the deaths are horrific – I don’t dispute that. Having to be intubated and be on the ventilator, turned by staff, apart from family, multiple IV’s and drips, monitors beeping, failed resuscitative measures – it’s not pretty. As a nurse, I have watched my patients struggle to breathe, seen the panicked look in their eyes as they fight to pull air into their lungs that are filled with fluid and infection. They know . . . they’ve heard stories and rightfully so, they are afraid. My own adopted daughter was on the ventilator for 11 days.

HOWEVER . . . there are a greater number of people that have COVID-19 that are not hospitalized, that are able to quarantine at home. These are the patients we don’t hear about in the news, the ones who have been affected and felt like absolute shit, but pulled through. These are the numbers the media doesn’t discuss — the greater numbers of people with COVID who did not require hospitalization or mechanical ventilation.

My greatest concern with COVID is not the virus itself. It is the blind faith that the common man is putting into the media reports. Faith in the rhetoric spewed by non-scientifically trained politicians. Faith in a lone scientist, Dr. Fauci, who has practically garnered sainthood but yet has waffled on his stance throughout the pandemic. Studies from the CDC, undertaken by epidemiologists and scientists, have disproven the “facts” touted by the media. Facts that are inflated, overblown, over-dramatized and then the actual CDC guidelines are pooh-poohed as unreliable data.

My concern is for a nation of people who have been dumbed down over the years and not taught logic in schools for so long that they blindly believe and follow the masses. These are the same people that believe “Grey’s Anatomy” is a true-to-life medical documentary versus entertainment. People who follow stars of the entertainment industry. Folks!! Hollywood stars are ACTORS – they are paid to act a certain way to convince you of the sincerity of their role in a production. These actors are so skilled in their trade, or looks, that they command great amounts of money — that doesn’t make them any smarter or have any more viable and accurate information than the common person who works as a laborer, or a healthcare worker, or the barista at the coffee shop on the corner.

My concern is for the demise of a country that I see circling the drain of liberty.

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