Back to Work

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Not that I mind going to work, I don’t . . . not at all. I missed it very much. I missed the work, the students, my co-workers, the drive, feeling productive, the stimulation of adult conversation unrelated to school subjects and school sports.

And then . . . the mandate.

Working on a federal installation, we fall under the federal mandate for vaccination. Required to be fully vaccinated by December 8, which means the second dose has to be taken by November 24. After speaking with my supervisor, I informed him that I would file an exemption, but failing that, to tentatively take me off the schedule December 9.

He cried.

I cried.

I don’t want to lose this job. It’s my dream job. I love what I do. I worked hard in my previous jobs and in school to earn the degrees and certificates that got me to this job. The job is why I moved to Alabama.

But it’s a job.

Not worth my conscience. Not worth my principles and beliefs.

After checking in at the office — getting a new phone as mine was no longer connecting to the network, doing my OPSEC education to retrieve my computer access, and having to have IT update my workstation, I wandered upstairs to observe the breakout of classes in a new series we are teaching. It was so enjoyable to be back in my office. To be in the building with adult students and my fellow instructors was quite relaxing. Going into the classroom that I would use the next day to make sure my AV equipment was on point, my mannequins were ready to be triaged, supplies were at the ready, batteries were in flashlights — it was routine, almost comforting to be back in my role.

The new venture is in process still. The website is up and published so I can work on it, fine-tuning and adding information. While it may be published, I’m not quite ready to announce it to the public as of yet.

I stopped in at my secondary job and spoke with the manager. As a hospital, they are not mandating the vaccine. The board doesn’t feel it necessary and since OSHA has no regulations in place, CMS cannot touch our Medicare and Medicaid funding at this point.

The new knee is holding up well. Occasionally I will have some itchiness across the scar which I can scratch on the inside aspect, the outer knee is still numb and probably always will be to an extent. With regular massage and manipulation, most of the scar tissue has been broken up. There is some slight stiffness until I start moving but from here on out it should get better and looser with more use.

It is nice to have life back to a somewhat regular routine!

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