“Then for no reason and for every reason, she burst into tears.” ~ Karelia Stetz-Waters

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Today was an “every reason to cry” kind of day. First, I was exhausted from driving 12-hours yesterday, getting home late and having to get up early to go to work.

Second, a co-worker blurted out news which our manager had planned to convey to those of us whom it directly affected, in private. First thing out the gate, was this unsettling news that due to refusing the vaccine, four of us will not be allowed to work with students. This . . . THIS . . . was the reason I left everything behind and moved to Alabama – for this job. And now, FEMA has decided that because I’m not compliant, I cannot do my job.

Third, a local plumbing company was supposed to fix a leak in my bathroom. Three teenagers were home. The plumbers pulled into the driveway, got out and walked towards the back door and then returned to their van and left. However, they called their dispatcher who then called me to inform me that my water pressure was horrible (it’s fine) and that my entire tub/shower will need to be replumbed (I just need the faucets changed out) and that the galvanized pipe (it’s copper) cannot just be cut and repaired (why yes it can using a pipe cutter, shark bites and PVC).

Fourth, my sister’s health which hasn’t been the greatest, has gotten worse. Per her usual, she has chosen to ignore the seriousness of the situation and pretend that all is rosy. Now she is facing a leg amputation at the hip due to the infection having gone for so long without proper treatment.

Fifth, three teenagers at home (I may have mentioned that before) seemed to find themselves unable to do the dishes they used and left at the sink side. Sixth, the dog had not recently been walked and sorely needed it, and it appeared (Seventh) that she had not been fed.

I hate to cry, but at that point I was so overwhelmed and frustrated and irritated and angry – the tears flowed. And then action took over and I made meatloaf, creamy cucumber salad and garlic mashed potatoes. Movement. Routine. The gentle rhythm of doing. Making pine cough syrup. All served to settle my thoughts, bring my mind to focus and calm my soul.

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