Love is Spoken Here

“Love is spoken best when it’s not just said, but shown.” ~ @dm-poetry

Valentine’s Day.

For some it’s a day of roses and romance, dinner and wine, jewelry and cards.

For others it’s just another day — maybe because there is no ‘significant other’ in their life.

I enjoy Valentine’s Day. I enjoy picking out the perfect card to give each person on my list.

At the same time, I enjoy making people feel appreciated, wanted and loved throughout the year. I write sticky notes. Send pictures or texts. Share songs from YouTube. I write cards of thanks and appreciation.

*gasp* handwritten cards? Oh my!!!

I hug. I laugh. I cry. I banter. I flirt.

I do my best to give whomever is with me at that moment, my full attention in that moment. . .and let me tell you, it is heady stuff when you have someone’s full attention. Not having to compete with a cell phone is a miracle in and of itself nowadays.

As technologically advanced as we have become, as a whole, we have lost the art of one-on-one communication. Active listening. Eye contact. Touch. People can tell when they are your focus — they open up and begin a conversation after a few moments. They quite literally light up at the thought that someone has taken an interest in their thoughts and ideas.

Valentine’s Day.

For those who love humanity and life.

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