Dancing (or Driving) (or Dancing while Driving)

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance, never settle for the path of least resistance. . .and when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. ~ Tia Sillers/Mark Sanders

Making a 12-hr drive should be exhausting. Of course that’s 12 hrs of just driving. That doesn’t include fuel, food and potty stops.

Especially driving alone.

Just you and your thoughts.

Just you and the radio. Or your Spotify play list.

Just you and God, conversing along the way.

But. . .

When you’re headed 700+ miles away to your new home, the excitement as you get closer is almost palpable.

Emotions ranged from calm to antsy to bored to frustration (it rained 6 of the 12 hours) to angst (of course my GPS quit when I got into Memphis!) It also included relief when I crossed into Mississippi, and a silly huge-ass grin as I passed into Alabama coupled with giddiness as I pulled in the driveway.

Midnight. I was tired, yes. But elated at the same time.

Today I head back. I worried that the return trip would be stressful, but I choose a positive mindset. I am fetching the kids to return for the weeks end and show them our new home and chauffer them around the surrounding area. I get to share the adventure!!

I look at the mountains in the distance, and I am dancing. Driving? Dancing while driving!

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