“One way to make the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” ~ William Feather

And the adventure has begun!

Back-n-forth. Driving between states with purpose and reason and then, finally. . .

Driving to the new home for permanence other than short visits. Tension. Tears. Leaving the kids behind. Knowing they won’t be with me for 11 weeks. A pounding headache that knew no bounds and every relief sought did not work.

For all the excitement, it was difficult to get myself started in the cleaning required but I eventually did the things. . .

Scrubbing 10 years of neglect off cabinet doors and shelves.

Checking email at the library. I don’t have Internet until next Monday.

Hand scrubbing a section of floor — disgusting in it’s filth.

Crying from loneliness and lack of human contacts.

Being approached by a woman at the grocery store who turns out to be my neighbor (and a total hoot!) And having her offer me lunch and a chance to visit to break the monotony of work.

The new job starts Monday and the nerves are settling in. What if I oversleep? What if I’m late due to traffic? What if I throw up on my boss’s shoes? What if I can’t do this? All silly, but the nigglers of fear and anxiety are present.

A chair. I need a chair. Other than a barstool and air mattresses and a small table left by the previous owner, I have no furniture.

My mattress and box springs won’t be delivered for another 1.5 weeks. The same day I asked the plumber to install a new hot water tank. Someone has to be here to sign for the delivery of the sleep stuff, who better than the plumber. Two birds — one stone.

I’m tired. Not sleep deprived for once. Just tired.

And the adventure is under way!

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