Bits of Things

“Keep your Spirit light, your booty tight and your goals in sight.” ~ Unknown

Sometimes life consists of “jiggly bits” — small things that don’t fit neatly into life’s compartments.

After a six month sabbatical from a structured training plan, I was back to a schedule of runs, biking and weights. First it was a catch in my remaining natural knee. The X-ray shows some degeneration but nothing major. Then in the past week, another issue has risen. Training has been placed on hold until we figure out the cause.

A job that I have truly enjoyed has changed, making it almost impossible for me to continue working for that employer. At first glance, it was a let down. After further consideration, it will be more of a blessing to discontinue the job giving me more time with my kids.

Life is a continuous process of rolling with the twists and turns it throws at you. Learning my strengths has been an ongoing process these last few months — and while it is prudent to have long-term goals, I find myself basing my short-term actions on how I feel in the moment.

Nothing is ever set in stone. It’s not that I’m trying to be mysterious or evasive when asked, but a majority of what I do is based on the level of energy I have. Some days are good, some not so great.

Being on my own for the first time in 33 years is an experiment in finding my own rhythm. Where before I had to have a set routine, partially because of children’s needs, looking back it also gave the narcissist another measure of control to know my whereabouts at all times. At X time on Y day, I was doing ABC. If I deviated it brought a flurry of accusations that I was trying to hide something or “pull something over” on him.

Setting boundaries is one of those “jiggly bits”. Does it fit under organization? Or perhaps health? I’m not sure because it’s all new to me. Ten months on my own is a drop in the bucket compared to the last 27 years.

What has held me together thus far is my faith and my long-term goals. My Spirit is indeed light and refreshed on a daily basis, my goals are in sight and that tight booty. . .is a work in progress!

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