Weekend reads

“You only get one life.  It’s actually your duty to live it, as fully as possible.”

black and brown stairs beside window

Photo by Octopus soul on Pexels.com

Living life fully isn’t always about being on the go.  There are times that it is more important to slow down, and relish those things around us . . .loved ones we don’t see often, memories we’ll cherish, sights we’ll only see once.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone.

Much like pouring a fresh cup of coffee, we savor the aroma, feel the warmth as we bring the cup to our lips and let the delicious flavor swirl around our tongue as we take that first sip.  THAT is how life is to be enjoyed.

I was actually intending to make this blog post last night, but after the rush of the holiday dinner, shopping on Black Friday, visiting family and then getting the children back to their father . . . nah.  I got back to my cherished home-away-from-home and it was quiet.  Just me.  The wind was blowing outside, the furnace was running, and inside it was warm and snug.  I made a bowl of oatmeal for my dinner and snuggled in the loveseat silently watching a movie via closed captions.  And it was good.

Living life fully also means recognizing the need to rest and recharge.  Peace and quiet.  Alone.

I took a few moments to check in on three of my favorite blogs which I’ll share here:

  •  If you LOVE old houses and have longed to restore one, but don’t have the means, you can live vicariously through Ross’s adventures in Emporia at Restoring Ross.
  •  I have followed her blog for years, since Sam was a wee one and he’s 12, and Rhonda Jean Hetzel lives what she shares.  She and her husband Hanno share their simple methods to being frugal and having more at Down To Earth.
  •  I first followed her mother, Jewel, whose blog is now private.  Unfortunately, she passed away this last year, but her wisdom shines thru in her daughter’s blog, Rosie’s Ramblings.

Now, it’s time for me to leave and head home to Alabama.  While I will be traveling alone, I will have my books on CD, my Spotify playlist and phone calls from loved ones to break the monotony.  Until next time . . .

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