Thought for the Week

I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve got — whether it be my home, my cars, my degrees, my jobs, or my relationships. Nothing has been handed to me. It has taken time, attention, and a lot of hard work.

I have gotten a lot of love and support from people that encourage and motivate me to do my best. They are my cheerleaders and I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without them!

I can see my achievements. I went thru the struggles and the work to make the grades or reach the goals. In MY head I know that I have not done anything that anyone else could not do with the same hard work. I also know there are those out there who would downplay my accomplishments, so I beat them to it. They can’t take it away from you if it doesn’t mean anything to you. Those degrees are truly just pieces of paper that signify knowledge.

The other night during our “Vertellis” game, the question was asked, “Who motivates or inspires you?” I don’t see myself as inspiring so when someone equates my name with this question it makes me very uncomfortable. I’m just. . . me.

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