Am I Holding Back?

“I cannot continue to live as half of myself simply because it’s hard for others to handle all of me.” ~ Rachel Hollis

Consider the stars. . . in the sky,
they shine their brightest,
when it is darkest.

I suppose that is something I will have to tell myself on a daily basis. I do not have to dull my shine to make others comfortable.

I’ve always been different. Always spoken my mind. I have learned over the years not only to be tactful, but to weigh and measure my words so as not to offend or speak out of turn. People say to me, “You’re so quiet.”

My mouth may not be moving, but my brain is going non-stop. It is sometimes apparent that those around me are not ready to hear my opinion but even then, depending on the subject matter, I have no problem being the odd man out. I look at the options and do my research so that MY opinion is informed, not just parotted from elsewhere.

I cannot and will not be a ‘sheep’ — going along with the flow of things so as not to make ripples when I feel that something is not right. I may not be the most popular, but I also cannot be myself in half measures.

** side note to Crazy Carrie — I hope you’re enjoying the blog but for the love of Pete, when you send anonymous text messages (that aren’t so anonymous) insinuating that I’m speaking about someone, please be sure you know of whom I’m speaking before you assume lol **

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