What Will People Think

“Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make.” ~ Unknown

Photo by Lara Santos on Pexels.com

When I was growing up, before I did anything that my mother considered risky, I was warned, “What will people think?” Not that she mattered much what people thought about me. She generally worried about what people at church, or my teachers, or the neighbors, or anyone would think about something I might do and how it would reflect on her as a parent . . . not necessarily on me as a person.

I was reading another blog the other day. (Something I do on a regular basis.) The writer mentioned that she was wanting to lay outside topless and sunbathe while reading to soak up some rays after having been cooped up inside for the winter and spring months. She was at home on her own property in the country, with no nearby neighbors, but she hesitated because of the “what if’s.” What if the postman came with a special delivery? Or the Amazon Prime driver stopped by? Her decision was made after she went through the scenarios of the worst possible consequences. The worst being that the postman or Prime driver would see her bare breasts. The following question to herself was whether that was something she could live with comfortably. Being an adult . . . on her own remote property . . .and comfortable with her body . . . recognizing that every one has breasts . . . and not expecting any deliveries . . . she went outside with her book and did enjoy the sun and its heat on her body. Sans top.

It was a short read, but it got me thinking about some of the other things she wrote. Do her actions affect anyone else? Do they hurt anyone else? If not, then live life and don’t worry about it.

As we drove to the Missouri home, I had time to contemplate. In some aspects I have forged my own path, but in many others I have done what was expected of me by others because if I didn’t well . . . what would they think?!?!?!?!

Today my daughter posted the following meme:

And again, I contemplated about the many things I’ve done over the past 32 years so as not to disappoint people. It’s very free-ing to realize that I don’t have to be that person anymore. It’s okay to go against the grain, and do my thing that is me. The things that make me comfortable and confident and fill me with joy and happiness are the things that I should be doing whether anyone understands them or approves.

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