Stop Spinning

“If there’s not enough of you to go around it’s because your ass is carrying stuff that’s not yours to carry. Delegate, let go, walk away. Make room for the things your soul was built to handle. ~ Brooke Hampton

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Life is too short and there are too many adventures to be had without worrying about what others do, or say, or think.

Social and political issues abound – I can only continue to be the person I am. Arguing and explaining and posting isn’t going to change another person’s mind. It simply adds to the stress.

People have personal issues – I can only continue to be the person I am. Explaining isn’t going to change another person’s mind. I am not going to stop talking about my friends or co-workers or avoid spending time with them to prevent someone else from thinking the worst. I played that game for too long.

I have personal issues – I have doubts and misgivings and odd thoughts that run thru my mind. The key point is that I don’t act on them – I can only continue to be the person I am. I don’t track people to see where they are or how long they’ve been there, I don’t ask questions. If someone wants me to know where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing, they’ll tell me. It’s not my job to investigate and quite frankly, I’m too busy to give a flying fuck what someone else has been doing when they aren’t with me.

(The above paragraph does not apply to my children under the age of 18 — 19 in Alabama.)

Opinions are truly like assholes — every one has one – I have my own. Unless I know it’s open for discussion, 92% of the time I don’t air mine. My opinion is irrelevant for the most part. If you want to know my opinion, it will come up in discussion when we speak because you ask, or you’ll check out my blog or my IG. If you don’t like my opinion, move along, don’t ask or don’t follow my blog.

Some days I need a break – I just need quiet, I don’t want to talk or engage with others. If I don’t answer a call or text – it means nothing. I am done being a slave to my phone (unless it’s my job)(or my kids — my kids get precedence). “Some days” may extend to several days or a week.

I need to stay grounded – I can only continue to be the person I am. My kids need a happy, relaxed mom. I need to be happy and relaxed and it’s on me to maintain that by doing what I need to do to relax, whether it’s time away, self care, limiting social media, limiting outside contact or hiding out in my room.

@barefootfive posts so many sentiments that resonate with me on a deep, visceral level. Click the link to check out her IG account.

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