Feeling the Rhythm

“Life has its rhythm and we have ours. They’re designed to coexist in harmony, so that when we do what is ours to do and otherwise let life be, we garner acceptance and serenity.” ~ Victoria Moran

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Much like the stones pictured above, on good days, life exists in a balance. On bad days, the stones are toppled over, at odds in positions and in relation to each other. On meh days, some of the stones are balanced and some have fallen – – needing to be repositioned.

Today was a meh day –

Some things were balanced. Breakfast, the beginnings of schoolwork, paying the bills, the preparations for tonight’s dinner . . .

Others were out of whack. A headache resulting from a pinching sensation along my spine and shoulder. Unexpected rain.

The goal was to achieve balance. When the work was done, we progressed to enjoyable past times. Work must be balanced with pleasure; pain with relief. Packing bottles of water, we set about the business of balance.

First a stop at our favorite thrift store with some clothing finds – for a total balance of $25 we walked away with 2 pairs of name brand jeans, and 4 shirts for $14 less than one pair of the jeans would have cost from Old Navy.

Next a stop at Lowe’s (because it was raining) and a chance to just stroll through the aisles and window-shop or shelf-shop. Looking at cabinetry and tubs, and sinks and the clearance aisle and faucets. I got the giggles when I stopped to examine a stacking washer/dryer combo and Jo matter-of-factly states, “Mom . . .we HAVE a washer and dryer!” Yes, but look at the price . . . I saved $1000 buying them off Craigslist.

Then a hop over to Hobby Lobby – again, nothing in mind, just walking around, looking for inspiration. So many ideas, so little money.

Next stop: Target. And there I bought a small candle in one of my favorite scents, Sugared Birch from Magnolia Home. This was one of the first candles I bought after I purchased my home. It was my first night in a strange house, on a cold February night, all alone and three of these candles lined the steps to lend warmth and a feeling of hominess in an otherwise empty house. A treat from Starbucks on the way out of the store topped the afternoon off.

I initially thought I would lie down to take a nap, but decided instead to lay on the floor and stretch. Arms out to the side, and knees bent, I focused on the rhythmic inhale and exhale as I felt my muscles relax, dozing off at times. At one point, Jo came into the room and I asked her to hand me the large exercise ball. Propping my feet up, I was able to get an even deeper stretch as I bent my knees first to one side and then the other. Finally, I ended by kneeling, face down over the ball, stretching my lower back and breathing to release the tight tension that coiled there.

Comfort food for dinner, chicken enchiladas, rounded out the evening and the restoration of balance was complete. A phone call from one daughter earlier in the day, and then another daughter in the evening, as well as listening to Jo with her boyfriend having a nerf gun fight in the living room restored a sense of peace and well being that all is right with the kids as well. A snappy walk before dinner got the blood pumping and finished out the relaxation achieved by stretching.

Find your rhythm and work to keep the balance. You’ll be glad you did.

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