Slowing Down

“Less do, more be.” ~ Unknown

Photo by Tamba Budiarsana on

We could learn a lot from cats. I don’t personally care for cats, but it doesn’t mean they can’t teach me something. We have a plentiful amount of cats in the neighborhood, so I’ve got opportunity to observe to my hearts content.

What have I observed in the past week:

  1. They are focused. Just this morning, I had a cat so focused on coming towards me, she neglected to see the 65# pitbull anxiously watching her approach just four steps up on the porch from where I was standing. While it is good to have focus, it is a gentle reminder to always maintain an awareness of your surroundings.
  2. They move with ease— swaying with each step, running with agility and stretching with a langorous delight. Being comfortable in the body you have displays confidence. (Have you ever seen a cat that appeared to be less than confident?) That’s not to say you can’t strive for better health or work to improve your body, but while doing so, don’t use negative self-speak to shame yourself and don’t let others body shame you either.
  3. Cats are impeccable groomers. Every single day I see these cats licking and grooming themselves. Again, looking good and being clean contributes to self confidence.
  4. Persnickety doesn’t even begin to describe ‘cattitude.’ A cat decides when it wants to be approached, by whom, for how long and in what manner. They use not so subtle signs like the arched back (similar to what I do when someone approaches me before coffee). They deign to let you touch them, petting them, stroking their fur and rewarding you with purrs or cuddly rubs against your legs until they are done. Then they simply rise up and walk away.
  5. If they have something to say, you’ll know it. A cat may start with a quiet “mew” but if ignored it will quickly escalate into louder, grating MEOWS. Get on it’s bad side and you get hissing and extended claws. Cats don’t play when trying to make a point — it’s okay to voice your opinions and even stick up for yourself.
  6. When a cat decides it’s done with you and walks away, it doesn’t keep looking back to see your reaction. Why? Because the cat doesn’t CARE what your reaction is! They are finished. End of story. A cat will turn it’s back, tail curled or raised and sashay away as if they haven’t a care in the world. (Probably because they are focused on the next thing in front of them.)
  7. Cats approach with confidence. They will look at you with eyes that are clearly sizing you up, head held high and almost dare you to mess with them. The ball is in their court and if you make the first move and they aren’t ready, they walk away. Cats deal with you on their terms, not yours.

Cats. Independent and confident, with fur to soften the rough edges.

Go practice your “cattitude” today!

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