9 1/2 Weeks

“Your muscles cannot get ‘longer’ without some radical orthopedic surgery.” ~ Mark Rippetoe

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Slowly I am healing from the knee replacement. Still beaucoup swelling, tightness and discomfort but nothing that slows me down too much. Vacillating between resting with it propped on something, or going about my business. Two days of PT a week results in a nagging ache that just doesn’t go away. Here in Alabama, we’ve had daily doses of rainfall which doesn’t do anything to relieve the pain of anyone with arthritis.

I’ve still been working on my endeavor – looking at grants, loans, logos, website design, pricing, marketing, learning, zoom meetings, supplies, processes and dreaming.

Between that and PT, I’ve managed to can some tomatoes. One of my favorite past-times is canning in the fall. There’s something about putting food away that can be used later in the winter that has a very satisfying feel to it. Granted . . . these weren’t tomatoes from my own garden, but we have plenty of gardeners here to find produce.

The other bonus, after much finagling with my therapist and my orthopedic surgeon — a 12-hour drive home to surprise the man at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony. I spent time at my daughter’s house and saw my grandkids, then spent a lovely weekend relaxing at the Missouri home doing . . .as absolutely little as possible.

Very appreciative of our kids keeping the secret, the hospital CEO keeping it on the down-low and my physical therapist for helping me come up with a plan to drive that far without any ill effects. The surprise was an absolute success!!

Funny how it seems a 12-hour drive would be soooooo long, but I have yet to be able to finish an entire audible book while driving. I was able to squeeze in a few of my favorite podcasts — old house life, true crime series, part of a book, a great Spotify playlist and of course phone calls with friends and family members to check on my progress.

Since my return home, I have more to share, but that will wait for another post. I’ll just toss this teaser out — it involves old things, pretty things and history.

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