We Interrupt this Comedy . . .

“I need to learn to keep a quiet heart.  To trust that if God has allowed an interruption in my day, it serves a purpose.” — Karen Ehman

scenic view of mountains during dawn

Photo by Stephan Seeber on Pexels.com

Pondering the subject of this post, I was going to convey with photographic evidence the absurd comedy of the past few days; unplanned mishaps that lend an air of silliness and make me laugh.  I drove home from work, passing the mountains in their various shadowy tints of grey with the clouds hanging low.  The windshield wipers were making a steady rhythm and I mentioned to someone on the phone that even with the rainy weather, the views of the mountains and the clouds STILL make me ridiculously happy with my relocation.

I stopped at the library for a few moments and then headed to the post office so that when I arrived home, I would have no need to leave again.  Driving is the best time for thinking, I believe.  True to form, as I drove I thought of a situation that saddens me at its base unfairness and disgusts me at the behavior of people who will destroy a person’s life for seemingly no reason.  Turning onto the road where the post office is located, there was a momentary break — just a sliver — in the clouds.  Far above the low hanging drifts of grey and white was a spot of clear and serene pale blue sky.  It was then I realized how often we get so caught up in the situation surrounding us that we (or at least “I”) forget that beyond the immediate lies the eternal.  The clouds surrounding us are the trials we face in life, but beyond that is something so clean, simple, and beautiful it provides hope.

The comedy can wait a day or so.

This has been niggling at me all night, so I am sharing it for whomever needs to see it.

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